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These data were compiled from field drift collections and from a meta-analysis of published drift literature. Field data were collected in 2014 from the Colorado River downstream of Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona, from the Salt River downstream of Stewart Mountain Dam, Arizona, and from Wet Beaver Creek near the Village of Oak Creek, Arizona. These data represent flow meter measurements taken at the mouth and adjacent to a drift net, and suspended solids concentrations collected by the drift net, over varying net deployment durations.
Two unique datasets were gathered to document whether flow management for hydropower affects the abundance and diversity of aquatic insect assemblages. The first dataset was collected in Grand Canyon from 2012-2014 by citizen scientists rafting the Colorado River. Simple light traps were set out each night in camp and used to capture the adult life stages of aquatic insects that emerged from the Colorado River. Three aquatic insect taxa were captured in sufficient abundance to analyze statistically including midges (order Diptera, family Chironomidae), micro-caddisflies (order Trichoptera, family Hydroptilidae), and blackflies (order Diptera, family Simuliidae, principally Simulium arcticum). These data were used...
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We revisit the serial discontinuity concept (SDC), which predicts river ecosystem responses to stream regulation in the context of recovery with distance downstream from the dam (discontinuity distance). Many studies have described pervasive interruptions of natural biophysical gradients of dams by comparing conditions in tailwaters to reference or pre-impoundment conditions. But only a few studies provide data or interpretations that explicitly test the SDC within entire stream corridors or along specifically defined reaches where recovery was expected in view of the predictions of the SDC. We present discontinuity distance measures for nine rivers around the world where the predictions of the SDC were substantiated....

    map background search result map search result map Flow management, aquatic insects and river food webs - Data Stream Drift Sampling in Arizona, 2014—Data Stream Drift Sampling in Arizona, 2014—Data Flow management, aquatic insects and river food webs - Data