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In order to identify approaches for integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant optimization it is necessary to analyse where and why the losses in the process occur. Therefore a structured exergy analysis of an IGCC with carbon capture was performed to identify losses on a plant, subsystem and individual component level. The investigation of the IGCC base case revealed an exergetic efficiency of 40%. Thus, 60% of the whole fuel exergy is lost in the process. On the subsystem level it was found that the major loss contributor is the combined cycle followed by the gas treatment section and the gasification island. Furthermore, it was demonstrated that the significance of the losses is higher in upstream processes...
Compiled dataset of active seismic data and related scanned active seismic reflection profiles, providing depth and velocity information, from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Minnesota Geological Survey.
This paper presents a new approach for a nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA) framework that can unlock the huge potential for greenhouse gas mitigation in dispersed energy end-use sectors in developing countries; specifically, the building sector and the industrial sector. These two sectors make up the largest portions of energy consumption in developing countries. However, due to multiple barriers and lack of effective polices, energy efficiency in dispersed energy end-use sectors has not been effectively put into practice. The new NAMA framework described in this paper is designed to fulfill the demand for public policies and public sector investment in developing countries and thereby boost private...

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