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This map represents a potential Conservation Target (CT) for PFLCC's 'Pine Flatwoods and Dry Prairie' (PFDP) Priority Resource (PR). The potential CT is 'Open Pine Bird Index.'The birds included in this index are: Bachman's Sparrow, Northern Bobwhite, and Red-cockaded Woodpecker. These layers were created for an initial investigation of potential CT's suggested by stakeholders during brainstorming workshops. The initial investigation entails locating available datasets to address the suggested CT as closely as possible and performing minimal analyses to determine their usefulness. The final set of CT's and their associated datasets will be chosen after targets (e.g., endpoints) are established as a threshold for...
Pine and Prairie Birds This layer is an outdated version of one of the South Atlantic LCC indicators in the pine woodlands, savannas and prairies ecosystem. It is an index combining species distribution and census data for three pine and prairie bird species. This indicator was updated in Blueprint 2.1 to extend the Northern bobwhite and red-cockaded woodpecker data to new areas of the pine and prairie ecosystem map. Reason for Selection This species index represents the structure and function of pine ecosystems in the Southeast. Input Data The distribution of red-cockaded woodpecker ( Picoides borealis), Northern bobwhite ( Colinus virginianus), and Bachman's sparrow ( Aimophila aestivalis) are included in the...

map background search result map search result map OUTDATED Indicator V 2.0: Pine & Prairie: Pine and Prairie Birds PFDP Open Pine Bird Index PFDP Open Pine Bird Index OUTDATED Indicator V 2.0: Pine & Prairie: Pine and Prairie Birds