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These data contain concentrations of major and trace elements in quality-assurance samples.These are the machine-readable versions of Tables 2–5 from the U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report, Distribution of Mining Related Trace Elements in Streambed and Floodplain Sediment along the Middle Big River and Tributaries in the Southeast Missouri Barite District, 2012-15 (Smith and Schumacher, 2018). Table_2 contains concentrations of major and trace elements in regular and replicate streambed-sediment samples in samples BR-02 and BR-04. Each sample was sieved and analyzed for concentrations within the less than 2-, less than 0.250-, and less than 0.063-mm size fraction. Averaged relative percent...

map background search result map search result map Table 02–Table 05-Quality-Assurance Data Table 02–Table 05-Quality-Assurance Data