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The USGS Central Region Energy Team assesses oil and gas resources of the United States. The onshore and State water areas of the United States comprise 71 provinces. Within these provinces, Total Petroleum Systems are defined and Assessment Units are defined and assessed. Each of province is defined geologically, and most province boundaries are defined by major geologic changes. This dataset is a compilation of data that has been studied and published separately, and in some cases adjacent provinces do not share a common boundary. As a consequence, there are numerous gaps and overlaps in this layer.
Categories: Data, pre-SM502.8; Types: Downloadable, Map Service, OGC WFS Layer, OGC WMS Layer, Shapefile; Tags: Adirondack Uplift, Albuquerque - Santa Fe Rift, Anadarko Basin, Appalachian Basin, Arkoma Basin, All tags...