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This data set contains categorical values based on proximity to cropland for the Prairie Potholes in the Northwestern Plains Ecoregion. This data set contains summed values for input threat datasets. Input threat datasets include: Ratio of perimeter to area of individual wetlands, potential conversion to agriculture, proximity to cropland, proximity to human development, proximity to intensive development, proportion of wetlands on protected lands, size of wetlands, and proportion of wetlands in 5 sq km area. Weighted sum tool was used to sum input layer values, layers were equally weighted. Zonal statisitics tool was then used to find mean value per 6th level watershed. These data are provided by Bureau of Land...
The Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) in the northern Great Plains contains millions of wetlands that provide habitat for breeding and migrating birds. Although conservation and management largely focuses on protecting habitat for nesting ducks, other wetland-dependent birds also rely on this region. Land managers want to know whether habitat conserved for ducks provides habitat for other species and how these habitats will be affected by climate change. A primary goal of this research has been to assist managers in conserving areas that will provide habitat to a broad suite of species. We considered how climate change is likely to affect land-use patterns and agricultural conversion risk. We then predicted how climate...

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