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From 1994-1997 I surveyed breeding birds and sampled vegetation at 391 random points on UMR floodplain forest along a latitudinal gradient to characterize bird assemblages and associations with gradients in forest structure at the local survey point and land cover composition within 200m radius of survey points (landscape scale). We conducted 10 minute 50m fixed radius point counts (Ralph et al. 1993) to survey birds during the breeding period between 30 May and 10 July in all years. We sampled the southernmost pool (13) first and then progressed to each pool in succession northward, finishing in Pool 4, sampling each point once a season. Surveys were conducted from 30 minutes before to five hours after local sunrise....

    map background search result map search result map 1990s bird and vegetation data from UMR floodplain forest 1990s bird and vegetation data from UMR floodplain forest