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This shapefile includes arcs and polygons that describe U.S. Geological Survey delineated Total Petroleum Systems of the World. Each petroleum system is defined as a mappable entity encompassing genetically related petroleum that occurs in seeps, shows and accumulations (discovered or undiscovered) that have been generated by a pod, or by closely related pods, of mature source rock, together with the essental mappable geologic elements (source, reservoir, seal and overburden rocks) that control fundamental processes of generation, migration, entrapment and preservation of petroleum. Total petroleum systems are described by U.S. Geological Survey scientists on the basis of exploration and production histories, and...
Fractionation of petroleum during migration through sedimentary rock matrices has been observed across lengths of meters to kilometers. Selective adsorption of specific chemical moieties at mineral surfaces and/or the phase behavior of petroleum during pressure changes are typically invoked to explain this behavior. Given the current emphasis on unconventional (continuous) resources, there is a need to understand petroleum fractionation occurring during expulsion and migration at the nanometer to micron scale, due to the fine-grained nature of petroliferous mudrocks. Here organic matter compositional differences observed within kukersite petroleum source beds (containing acritarch Gloeocapsomorpha prisca) from the...
As part of a broader research program to examine domestic source rock reservoirs, the Gulf Coast Petroleum Systems project of the USGS Energy Resources Program drilled a research borehole into Late Cretaceous mudstones in McLennan County, Texas, including the Cenomanian-Turonian Eagle Ford Group. A comprehensive wireline geophysical logging suite and over 600 ft of continuous core were obtained to advance the understanding of the stratigraphy, rock and fluid properties, burial history, and depositional environment of these uncompacted and thermally immature Eagle Ford source rocks. Geophysical logs were calibrated with geochemical core data to characterize mineralogical variability and petrophysical characterization...

    map background search result map search result map Nanoscale Molecular Fractionation of Organic Matter within Unconventional Petroleum Source Beds (2019) Wireline geophysical logging curves and infrared spectral data for the USGS Gulf Coast #1 West Woodway research wellbore, McLennan County, Texas Nanoscale Molecular Fractionation of Organic Matter within Unconventional Petroleum Source Beds (2019)