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ABSTRACT: Samples from 107 piñon pines (Pinns edulis) at four sites were used to develop a proxy record of annual (June to June) precipitation spanning the 1226 to 2001 AD interval for the Uinta Basin Watershed of northeastern Utah. The reconstruction reveals significant precipitation variability at interannual to decadal scales. Single-year dry events before the instrumental period tended to be more severe than those after 1900. In general, decadal scale dry events were longer and more severe prior to 1900. In particular, dry events in the late 13th, 16th, and 18th Centuries surpass the magnitude and duration of droughts seen in the Uinta Basin after 1900. The last four decades of the 20th Century also represent...
Availability of long-term information on the variability of water resources in a given area is particularly important for sustainable resource management. Developing watershed simulation models that can be run using annually-resolved proxy climate data provides a way to improve reconstructions of hydrological parameters over multi-century time scales. Through the addition of a snowmelt modeling component, we enhanced a simple water-balance model to simulate streamflow at seasonal resolution. The model was calibrated to the upper Meadow Valley Wash, Nevada, USA, using USGS gage number 09417500 streamflow records. PRISM data at 2.5 arc-min resolution were used to reconstruct streamflow at the seasonal timescale (October...