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The Lower Columbia River and adjacent coastal regions of Oregon and Washington contain a rich diversity of natural and cultural resources managed by a complex array of tribal sovereign nations, federal/state/local agencies, non-government conservation organizations, landowners, stakeholders and others. But our region lacks a current, comprehensive, landscape-scale blueprint that can be used to drive and align conservation efforts to achieve landscape-scale goals in response to stressors, such as climate change, energy development, and land/water use practices. In response to this need, the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative and US Fish and Wildlife Service Region 1 has initiated a Landscape Conservation...
Context and Research QuestionIn 2010, the Washington Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Working Group (WWHCWG) statewide analysis identified a need for a closer look at this landscape extending from the Southern Cascades (from approximately Mount Rainier to the Columbia River), through southwestern Washington, and into the Olympic Peninsula. Several species in this landscape have unique connectivity patterns and broad-scale data limitations which we began to explore in this analysis. Finer-scale analyses are necessary to prioritize and inform actions to maintain and restore habitat connectivity in this region.During meetings in 2016, 2017, and 2018, the WWHCG group developed a plan to model the region using Linkage Mapper...

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