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The Louisiana State Legislature created the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) in order to conserve, restore, create and enhance Louisiana's coastal wetlands. The wetland restoration plans developed pursuant to these acts specifically require an evaluation of the effectiveness of each coastal wetlands restoration project in achieving long-term solutions to arresting coastal wetlands loss. This data set includes mosaicked aerial photographs for the Fritchie Marsh Restoration (PO-06) project for 2016. This data is used as a basemap land-water classification. It also serves as a visual tool for project managers to help them identify any obvious problems or land loss within their project...

    map background search result map search result map Fritchie Marsh Restoration (PO-06): 2016 land-water classification Fritchie Marsh Restoration (PO-06): 2016 land-water classification