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Background information.—Historically, the Powell River supported abundant and diverse populations of freshwater mussels. In recent decades, mussel density and species richness have declined and many freshwater mussel species are listed as either State or Federally threatened or endangered species. Environmental degradation from coal mining has been identified as one of the drivers of this decline. An example is the 1996 Lone Mountain slurry spill that directly affected mussel populations, as well as their host fish species. Freshwater mussels feed by filtering small particles from water, thereby improving water quality and providing an essential ecosystem service in rivers and streams. Mussels also serve as a food...
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Background information.— The Lone Mountain slurry spill injured two endangered fish species in the Powell River—the yellowfin madtom ( Noturus flavipinnis) and the slender chub ( Erimystax cahni). The yellowfin madtom was historically widespread throughout the Upper Tennessee River drainage but was presumed extinct at the time of its formal scientific description. The discovery of three surviving but geographically isolated populations in the late 1970s and early 1980s resulted in its listing as a threatened species. The slender chub was also once relatively common in the Powell River but is now listed as one of the most narrowly distributed minnows in North America. Both the yellowfin madtom and the slender chub...

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