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In diversifying energy supply, the transformation of the energy industry has been identified as a key challenge for a sustainable energy future. This suggests that incumbent firms in this industry have a vital role in the development and commercialization process of renewable energy technologies. This paper provides a comparative analysis of oil and gas firms’ strategies regarding solar PV technology investments, a renewable energy technology that has seen explosive growth of late. The main aim is to examine the strategic approach of incumbent firms in the oil and gas industry towards the development and commercialization of solar PV technology. To investigate this, a multiple case study has been conducted within...
Understanding the sources and quantities of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is critical to developing an emissions inventory that accurately represents various oil and gas industry segment operations. To address this, the American Petroleum Institute (API) formed a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Methodology Working Group. The working group’s objectives were to review, summarize and recommend methodologies for consistent estimation of GHG emissions from oil and gas industry facilities, including exploration and production through refining to product marketing. In a continued pursuit of consistent emission estimation methodologies for the oil and gas industry, the working group is meeting with other protocol development...