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To determine habitat attributes and processes suitable for the growth of Coccidioides, soils were collected from sites in Arizona, California, and Utah where Coccidioides is known to have been present. Humans or animals or both have been infected by Coccidioides at all of the sites. Soil variables considered in the upper 20 cm of the soil profile included pH, electrical conductivity, salinity, selected anions, texture, mineralogy, vegetation types and density, and the overall geomorphologic and ecological settings. Thermometers were buried to determine the temperature range in the upper part of the soil where Coccidioides is often found. With the exception of temperature regimes and soil textures, it is striking...
We propose a framework for hypothesis-testing of stable isotope ratios in ecological studies. Statistical procedures are based on analysis of nested linear models and a residual permutation procedure (RPP) that is employed to evaluate probabilities associated with test statistics. We used simulated examples and a real data set to illustrate the utility and generality of the method. First, we developed a test for differences in centroid location and dispersion of delta13C and delta15N values within and among groups of isotopic data. Second, we evaluated magnitude and direction of change in centroid position (termed "path") of a pair of isotopic samples separated in space/time relative to paths of other paired sample...