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The University of California, Davis in partnership with the Navajo Nation is partnering with the Southern Rockies LCC to provide estimates of habitat connectivity for focal species on the Navajo Nation and adjacent lands that the tribe wishes to incorporate into planning and implementation of adaptive management. The project will derive habitat variables as inputs for connectivity models, and model outputs likely will include habitat quality and conductance. Species-specific models will be mathematically integrated to permit probabilistic statements about simultaneous connectivity for two or more species.The spatial data developed on wildlife distributions and habitat to model connectivity and, ultimately, viability...
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The Navajo Nation covers over 70,000 km2 in the Four Corners area of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Climate data from the Navajo Nation have been both sparse and sporadic during the past 100 years, and have been limited to daily data from a handful of National Weather Service Cooperative Observer sites. Climate science researchers have identified the area in and around the Navajo Nation as among the most climate-data poor in the region, and the need to remedy this situation has been identified by both the Desert LCC and the Southern Rockies LCC. This USGS Arizona Water Science Center digitized paper climate data records recorded between 1988 and 1995, including portions of 25 volumes of fan-fold line-printer computer...

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