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The NFHAP Coastal Spatial Framework and Indicator Datasets consist of a geospatial base layer developed in ArcGIS, and associated data fields joined to the spatial framework. The Coastal Spatial Framework is a layer of 612 distinct polygons covering coastal areas of the Continental U.S. Polygons represent either coastal watersheds (land) or coastal waters (estuaries, inshore marine, offshore marine),and are classified into six regions and 22 nested subregions. Each polygon is assigned a unique code (UniqueID) to provide location reference for indicator data, and enable joins to separate data tables.s for information recorded in the Bibliography and Assessment tables. Key indicator data fields attributed to each...
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Fishery and aquatic scientists often assess habitats to understand the distribution, status, stressors, andrelative abundance of aquatic resources. Due to the spatial nature of aquatic habitats and the increasingscope of management concerns, using traditional analytical methods for assessment is often difficult.However, advancements in the geographic information systems (GIS) field and related technologies haveenabled scientists and managers to more effectively collate, archive, display, analyze, and model spatial andtemporal data. For example, spatially explicit habitat assessment models allow for a more robustinterpretation of many terrestrial and aquatic datasets, including physical and biological monitoring...
The National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) Data System provides a means for the partnership to manage, access and visualize data products from across the partnership. Although components of the data system may change with evolving technologies, we plan to continue cataloging NFHP data products in USGS ScienceBase.

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