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The Sqigwts 3-D Landscape is an interactive three-dimensional experience developed to provide an opportunity to effectively learn about the important cultural significance of sqigwts, the water potato (Sagittaria latifolia), to the Schitsu’umsh or Coeur d’Alene Indian Tribe (of the Pacific Northwest USA). The goal is to provide information on the potential vulnerability of this species to climate change and of the Schitsu’umsh living relationship with it. Schitsu’umsh knowledge and practice is called hnkhwelkhwlnet, meaning “our ways of life in the world,” and is conveyed through acts of re-telling oral traditions and stories. For the Schitsu’umsh, storytelling is a living act and can only truly occur in-person...
This is a protocol that seeks to protect a federally recognized American Indian tribe’s intellectual property (IP) and traditional knowledge (TK) from unapproved usage, while securing a process through which research ed information can be effectively obtained and disseminated. While acknowledging that each American Indian community may vary regarding its own unique protocol practices, the following document covers four sets of principles and issues which are over-arching recommendations for developing positive communications and collaborative research relationships between a tribe(s) and researchers funded by federal and/or state agencies. Illustrative case examples will be provided throughout this document that...
Based upon the research developed in association with the Sqigwts NKN Climate Change project, this document provides recommendations on how to design inter - actable food producing “Gardens” (the term defined later in this document), with appropriate Indigenous content and pedagogical considerations relating to climate change. The Garden could be used by the Tribe at their discretion to identify, protect and perpetuate the use and locations of traditional, native plants used in the traditional seasonal round . It seeks to demonstrate that both indigenous and sc ientific knowledge can be successfully applied in this endeavor. It seeks to be an educational venue for students and their teachers, and to be a sustainable...
The Schitsu'umsh people (Coeur d’Alene Tribe of Idaho) have an intimate relationship with their landscape and a rich knowledge of how to interact with the environment in a way that benefits human, plant, and animal communities alike. Such knowledge and practices can provide valuable insight as to how tribal and non-tribal resource managers, communities, and governments can best respond to the effects of a changing climate. This project was a pilot effort to collect and translate indigenous knowledge and practices into shareable formats. Researchers developed documents, images, lesson plans, and innovative, interactive 3-D virtual reality simulations that effectively convey Schitsu’umsh knowledge and practices and...

    map background search result map search result map Collecting and Applying Schitsu’umsh Indigenous Knowledge and Practices to Climate Change Decision Making Sqigwts 3-D Landscape Collecting and Applying Schitsu’umsh Indigenous Knowledge and Practices to Climate Change Decision Making Sqigwts 3-D Landscape