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My research aims to improve fundamental understanding of gas evolution and multiphase fluid flow within water-saturated, deformable porous media. These processes are governed by concurrent fluid-fluid and fluid-rock interactions such as chemical mass transfer, capillarity, buoyancy, viscous drag, and effective stress. Potential applications for the fundamental knowledge that I aim to generate include geologic radioactive waste storage, carbon sequestration, and hydraulic fracturing.
Numerical modeling was performed to analyze the impacts of potential multiphase conditions on long-term subsurface pressure evolution in subsurface systems. An example site on the Bruce Peninsula in Southern Ontario, Canada was selected due to the large amount of available, high-quality data showing significantly underpressured water and the possible presence of gas phase methane. The system was represented by a 1-D model in which multiphase flow and hydromechanical coupling during the last glacial loading and unloading cycle were simulated. Single-phase flow simulations were performed with the USGS single-phase flow simulator SUTRA, and then both single- and multiphase simulations were performed with the multiphase...
To better understand the possible risks posed to shallow groundwater resources by geologic carbon sequestration (GCS), a multi-scale numerical modeling approach was invoked using the TOUGHREACT code from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The code solves coupled equations representing conservation of mass and energy on a finite difference grid to simulate multiphase, multicomponent, non-isothermal heat and mass transport in porous media. Two different two-dimensional cross-section modeling domains were constructed to improve understanding of groundwater flow and contaminant transport processes at a field site in soutwestern Utah. The site represents a natural analogue for leakage from a GCS site because water...

map background search result map search result map Model of groundwater flow, gas migration, and reactive transport in the Virgin River Basin, SW Utah Model of potential multiphase methane evolution in the subsurface of Southern Ontario across a wide range of initial gas contents Model of groundwater flow, gas migration, and reactive transport in the Virgin River Basin, SW Utah