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NO3 Uptake in Shallow, Oligotrophic, Mountain Lakes: The Influence of Elevated NO3 Concentrations, credited to Lafrancois, Brenda Moraska, published in 2004. Published in Journal of the North American Benthological Society, volume 23, issue 3, on pages 397 - 415, in 2004.
Twenty-two high-elevation lakes (> 3000 m) in Rocky Mountain National Park and Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colorado, were surveyed during summer 1998 to explore relationships among benthic invertebrates, water chemistry (particularly nitrate concentrations), and other environmental variables. Water samples were collected from the deepest portion of each lake and analyzed for ions and other water chemistry parameters. Benthic invertebrates were collected from the littoral zone using both a sweep net and Hess sampler. Physical and geographical measurements were derived from maps. Relationships among benthic invertebrate assemblages and environmental variables were examined using canonical correspondence analysis,...