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These data are an extraction of Fisher (Martes pennanti) from the California Wildlife Habitat Relationship (CWHR) system dataset.The following information describes, and should always accompany, the California Department of Fish and Game's California Wildlife Habitat Relationship System (CWHR) species distribution data.The data is organized into four folders according to the four major taxonomic groups in CWHR: amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.  Each species is represented by a single shapefile and is named according to its 4 digit alpha-numeric CWHR ID code.  The file lookup.xls contains a record for each species including its CWHR ID, scientific name, common name, and  range map revision history.Each...
This cooperative effort by USDA Forest Service Research and the National Forest System assesses the state of knowledge related to the conservation status of four forest carnivores in the western United States: American marten, fisher, lynx, and wolverine. The conservation assessment reviews the biology and ecology of these species. It also discusses management considerations stemming from what is known and identifies information needed. Overall, we found huge knowledge gaps that make it difficult to evaluate the species' conservation status. In the western United States, the forest carnivores in this assessment are limited to boreal forest ecosystems. These forests are characterized by extensive landscapes with...

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