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This layer represents Private Conservation Lands from the Protected Areas Database of the US (PADUS). Part of the GAP Analysis, PADUS is a geodatabase that illustrates and describes public land ownership, managment and consercationlands nationally. The lands included are assigned conservation measures that qualify thier intent to mangae lands for the presercation of biological diversity and to other natural, recreational, and cultural uses.
This dataset represents polygon coverage of sites included in the inventory of Marine Protected Areas in the Wider Caribbean developed under the Reefs at Risk Caribbean project. The availability of polygon is limited. The full inventory of MPAs for the Wider Caribbean can be found in the accompanying point dataset developed under the project. Points with no polygon coverage are not included in this dataset. This dataset does not represent the full inventory.
The MPA Inventory is a comprehensive catalog that provides detailed information for existing marine protected areas in the United States. The inventory provides geospatial boundary information (in polygon format) and classification attributes that seek to define the conservation objectives, protection level, governance and related management criteria for all sites in the database. The comprehensive inventory of federal, state and territorial MPA sites provides governments and stakeholders with access to information to make better decisions about the current and future use of place-based conservation. The information also will be used to inform the development of the national system of marine protected areas as required...

map background search result map search result map Wyoming Private Conservation Lands Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Inventory Database, March 2010 Caribbean Marine Protected Areas (polygon data only) Wyoming Private Conservation Lands Caribbean Marine Protected Areas (polygon data only) Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Inventory Database, March 2010