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This data release contains a netCDF file containing decadal estimates of nitrate leached from septic systems (kilograms per hectare per year, or kg/ha) in the state of Wisconsin from 1850 to 2010, as well as the python code and supporting files used to create the netCDF file. The netCDF file is used as an input to a Nitrate Decision Support Tool for the State of Wisconsin (GW-NDST; Juckem and others, 2024). The dataset was constructed starting with 1990 census records, which included responses about households using septic systems for waste disposal. The fraction of population using septic systems in 1990 was aggregated at the county scale and applied backward in time for each decade from 1850 to 1980. For decades...
The effects of a dry-rewetting event (D/RW) on soil microbial properties and nutrient release by leaching from two soils taken from adjacent grasslands with different histories of management intensity were studied. These were a low-productivity grassland, with no history of fertilizer application and a high-productivity grassland with a history of high fertilizer application, referred to as unimproved and improved grassland, respectively. The use of phospholipid fatty acid analysis (PLFA) revealed that the soil of the unimproved grassland had a significantly greater microbial biomass, and a greater abundance of fungi relative to bacteria than did the improved grassland. Soils from both grasslands were maintained...
Novel catabolic pathways enabling rapid detoxification of s-triazine herbicides have been elucidated and detected at a growing number of locations. The genes responsible for s-triazine mineralization, i.e. atzABCDEF and trzNDF, occur in at least four bacterial phyla and are implicated in the development of enhanced degradation in agricultural soils from all continents except Antarctica. Enhanced degradation occurs in at least nine crops and six crop rotation systems that rely on s-triazine herbicides for weed control, and, with the exception of acidic soil conditions and s-triazine application frequency, adaptation of the microbial population is independent of soil physiochemical properties and cultural management...

    map background search result map search result map Calculated Leached Nitrogen from Septic Systems in Wisconsin, 1850-2010 Calculated Leached Nitrogen from Septic Systems in Wisconsin, 1850-2010