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The PRISM 8�x10� data set represents several years ofinvestigation by PRISM (Pliocene Research, Interpretation, andSynoptic Mapping) Project members. One of the goals of PRISMis to produce time-slice reconstructions of intervals ofwarmer than modern climate within the Pliocene Epoch. Thefirst of these was chosen to be at 3.0 Ma (time scale ofBerggren et al., 1985) and is published in Global andPlanetary Change (Dowsett et al., 1994). This documentcontains the actual data sets and a brief explanation of howthey were constructed. For paleoenvironmental interpretationsand discussion of each data set, see Dowsett et al., inpress. The data sets includes sea level, land icedistribution, vegetation or land cover, sea surfacetemperature...