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The Minerals Yearbook is an annual publication that reviews themineral industry of the United States and foreign countries. Itcontains statistical data on materials and minerals and includesinformation on economic and technical trends and developments.The yearbook is published in three volumes: Volume I, Metalsand Minerals; Volume II, Area Reports, Domestic; and Volume III,Area Reports, International.Volume I metal and minerals chapters contain an untitledintroduction, a statement on domestic data coverage, and anoutlook section. Optional topics are: legislative andgovernment programs, production, environment, consumption,stocks, transportation, prices, foreign trade, world reviewincluding individual country summaries...
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Metal Industry Indicators (MII) is a monthly newsletter thatanalyzes and forecasts the economic health of fivemetal-processing industries: primary metals, steel, copper,primary and secondary aluminum, and aluminum mill products. TheMII presents composite leading and coincident indexes of a setof indicators that historically have proven to lead or coincidewith the major business cycle changes in these industries. Theindexes were developed in cooperation with the Center forInternational Business Cycle Research at Columbia University.Each month, these indexes are analyzed along with anyeconomy-wide occurrences that would affect the metalsindustries.Stone, Clay, Glass, and Concrete Products Industry Indicators(IMII)...

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