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The 'Vulture: 1988 Construction Bids' file is part of the A. F. Budge Mining Ltd. Mining collection. A. F. Budge Mining Ltd., a British company owned by Tony Budge, controlled properties across several western U. S. states and northern Mexico. The company was active in Arizona during the 1980s and into the early 1990s. The collection consists of economic geologic information including maps, logs, reports and records. A few properties make up most of the collection: Vulture, United Verde Extension and Korn Kob.
This location is part of the Arizona Mineral Industry Location System (AzMILS), an inventory of mineral occurences, prospects and mine locations in Arizona. Mohave556A is located in T20N R15W Sec 24 E2 in the Dean Peak - 7.5 Min quad. This collection consists of various reports, maps, records and related materials acquired by the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources regarding mining properties in Arizona. Information was obtained by various means, including the property owners, exploration companies, consultants, verbal interviews, field visits, newspapers and publications. Some sections may be redacted for copyright. Please see the access statement.

map background search result map search result map ADMMR mining collection file: Gold Medal Prince George Plan and Section Eureka Oneida Mine Claim Map Jemison Longitudinal Projection Map Vulture Mine Project Composite Surface Map Chico Mines Sections Through Drill Holes 1 & 2, Antler Mine Bobtail Surface and Underground Map Vertical Longitudinal Section A-A' Sheet B-2 for Cerbat Mt. Zinc Project Number 1506 Johnny Bull and Silver Knight Claims Mineral Dyke, Unpatented Claims Lost Mine and Aquarius Range Deposits Location Map Vulture Mine Heap Leach Mill Wash Diversion Channel Layout Antler Mine Assay Map Vulture Mine Pit Sample Location Map and Underground Reserve Cross Section Index Four Iron Ore Deposits Location Map Vulture Mine Project I.P. Survey, Line 10 Vulture Mine Project I.P. Survey, Line 9 Vulture Mine Project I.P. Survey, Line 1 Vulture Mine, Cross-Section 4, Coordinate 221,750E Vulture: 1988 Construction Bids ADMMR mining collection file: Gold Medal