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These data represent modeled stream temperatures for a portion of a larger dataset known as the Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GNLCC) ( This metadata record is a combined description for two spatial data feature types, vector lines and points, which cover the same geographic area. The line features are derived from NHDPlus ( (USEPA and USGS, 2010) stream lines and the point data represent 1 km intervals along the NHDPlus stream network. Both datasets contain identical modeled stream temperature attributes. These modeled stream temperatures were generated as part of the U.S. Forest Service NorWeST stream temperature...
This project will be focused on hosting 2-3 workshops in 2013 to train people to conduct the Springs Stewardship Institute’s spring assessment protocol and promote it as a standardized method. This will facilitate standardized data collection across the landscape that can contribute to a broad-scale inventory and assessment of springs, seeps, and aquatic resources throughout the Desert LCC.
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This dataset was developed as part of a long-term project monitoring the ecological health of the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (CCE). This effort is a collaborative project between National Park Service Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Network (ROMN) (Landscape Dynamics Vital Sign), Crown Managers Partnership, Ecological Health Subcommittee (CMP EH) (Landscapes Indicator), and University of Calgary, Geography Department. Purpose and goals of the Crown Manager's Partnership and the Rocky Mountain Network Vital Signs monitoring programs are available at the respective websites. The purpose of our collaborative effort is to share knowledge and resources on the various GIS and ecological monitoring data available...

    map background search result map search result map NorWeST Predicted Stream Temp Lines Upper Snake Bear Mapping springs, seeps and aquatic habitat in the Desert LCC CCE Fire History (20111120) CCE Fire History (20111120) NorWeST Predicted Stream Temp Lines Upper Snake Bear Mapping springs, seeps and aquatic habitat in the Desert LCC