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This research project identified effective landowner engagement strategies and incentives to sustain ecosystem services (e.g., clean water, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, recreation, aesthetics) in the Southeastern United States through a focused case in three major habitat types (bottomland hardwoods, open pine stands, and grasslands) within the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks region. A geospatial analysis was used to quantify program participation and expected costs for selected landowner engagement scenarios and program delivery options.
This Extension Programming describes a collaboration between Mississippi State University and Duke University to identify opportunities to engage private landowners in the GCPO LCC in conservation and restoration activities by focusing on ecosystem service outcomes that are important to them. There are three main pieces of interrelated work described in separate reports: 1) a survey of landowners to identify what services are important to them and how willing they are to participate in conservation or restoration activities; 2) coarse resolution maps of the provision and where possible demand for ecosystem services lies within the region; and 3) a social network analysis to understand how best to engage private...