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Socio-economic data by county subdivision in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Includes population density, median age, education levels, vacation homes, incomes, poverty, unemployment, employment in key sectors.
This paper formulates an input-output method for determining the distributional consequences of energy development projects. The method is oriented to the conditions appearing in many contemporary development settings where large resident populations and other factors are likely to inhibit boomtown scenarios. An analysis of geothermal energy development in Imperial County, California, is presented. The results indicate that personal income inequality is likely to increase by several percentage points as measured by the Gini coefficient. The sensitivity of the results is examined with respect to important factors such as labor supply elasticities, preferential employment of local residents, and the concentration...
This map layer portrays 2002 and 2003 per capita personal income, annual number of full-time and part-time jobs, average wage per job in dollars, population, and per capita number of jobs for counties in the United States. Per capita personal income is calculated as the total personal income of the residents of a county divided by the resident population of the county. The Census Bureau's annual midyear population estimates were used in the computation. The average annual number of full-time and part-time jobs includes all jobs for which wages and salaries are paid, except jury and witness service and paid employment of prisoners. The jobs are counted at equal weight, and employees, sole proprietors, and active...
The twenty-first century is likely to witness increased levels of weather-related disasters, droughts, epidemics, food shortages, habitat destruction, and resource conflicts. Those environmental and systemic problems will be mediated and exacerbated by potential economic dislocations, including job losses, financial crises, and commodity-price increases. As a result, the problem of resilience will increasingly permeate the politics and policies of sustainability transitions. Using a comparative analysis of two American households located at opposited ends of the income pyramid, this article explores the issue of how to think about the relationship between sustainable consumption and resilience. Although the two...

map background search result map search result map Socio-economic data by county subdivision National Atlas income and job information (by county) for Alaska, USA for years 2002-2003 Socio-economic data by county subdivision National Atlas income and job information (by county) for Alaska, USA for years 2002-2003