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We hypothesise that genotypic differences in transpiration and root growth in the southern and northern populations of Gutierrezia sarothrae are driven by growing season vapour pressure deficit (VPD) and that ecotypic differentiations are linked to corresponding variations in tissue and leaf water relations. Seedlings from an Idaho (ID) and a Texas (TX) seed source were grown either in an open nursery (full sunlight) or under shade. There were no population differences in transpiration, root growth and tissue water relation parameters when the plants were grown under the shade. However, significant population differences were observed in the plants grown in the open where VPD was substantially higher. Transpiration...
1. An air-injection method was used to study loss of water transport capacity caused by xylem cavitation in roots and branches of Pinus edulis (Colorado Pinyon) and Juniperus osteosperma (Utah Juniper). These two species characterize the Pinyon?Juniper communities of the high deserts of the western United States. Juniperus osteosperma can grow in drier sites than P. edulis and is considered the more drought tolerant. 2.Juniperus osteosperma was more resistant to xylem cavitation than P. edulis in both branches and roots. Within a species, branches were more resistant to cavitation than roots for P. edulis but no difference was seen between the two organs for J. osteosperma. There was also no difference between juveniles...