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ABSTHAcc--The gastrointestinal tracts, lungs, and urinary bladders from 77 Btlfo microscaphus, 61 Bufo woodJuJUsii, and 8 of their hybrids were examined for helminths. One species of trematode (Glypthelmins quieta), 1 species of cestode (Distoichometra bufonis), and 5 species of nematodes (Aplectana incerta, A. itzocanensis, Rhabdias americanus, Physaloptera sp., and Physocephalus sp.) were found. The greatest prevalence (41%) and mean intensity (231.7) were recorded for Aplectatul incerta in 8u1o woodhousii. It appears hybrids harbor fewer parasites than either parent species. Published in Western North American Naturalist, volume 56, issue 4, on pages 369 - 374, in 1996.