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Unaltered Beach This layer is an outdated version of one of the South Atlantic LCC indicators in the beach and dune ecosystem. It is an index of altered beaches capturing impacts from hardened structures like jetties, groins, and infrastructure. This indicator was updated in Blueprint 2.2 to incorporate more recent data from the Coastal Barrier Resources System, which is used to set the boundaries of undeveloped beaches. The updated indicator was also extended to new areas of the beach and dune ecosystem map. Reason for Selection Altered beaches (including human developments along shorelines, jetties, groins, seawalls, revetments, and other structures) provide a measure of overall habitat alteration. Human infrastructure...

    map background search result map search result map OUTDATED Indicator V 2.0: Beach and Dune: Unaltered Beach OUTDATED Indicator V 2.0: Beach and Dune: Unaltered Beach