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The ecologically-relevant geophysical (ERGo) landforms dataset is a comprehensive classification of landforms based on hillslope position and dominant physical processes that covers most of North America. Four hillslope positions form a natural sequence of topographic units along the catena: ridges/peaks (summits), upper slopes (shoulders), lower slopes (foot slopes), and valley bottoms (toe slopes). The position within each of these hillslopes as a function of solar orientation to reflect how ecological processes (especially soil moisture and evapotranspiration) are influenced by insolation. Also included are very flat (i.e. areas <2°) or very steep (i.e. “cliffs” >50°). We provide these data here at 30 m resolution,...

    map background search result map search result map Ecologically-relevant landforms for Great Plains LCC Ecologically-relevant landforms for Great Plains LCC