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This layer was created by selecting classes relevant to conservation of the grassland-prairie-savanna broadly defined habitat from the LANDFIRE Existing Vegetation Type (evt) spatial data product clipped to the boundary of the GCPO LCC. The layer was generated as in input layer for the Draft Grassland Condition Index raster data layer in support of the GCPO LCC rapid ecological assessment of the Grassland-Prairie-Savanna Priority Habitat. In selecting vegetation types, “grasslands” were defined as any landscape dominated by grass, excluding classes considered to be features of other priority habitats, such as marshes, dunes, glades, woodlands, and pine savanna. The 44 selected grassland classes included pasture/hay...
NHDPlusV2 is described in as “an integrated suite of application-ready geospatial data sets that incorporate many of the best features of the National Hydrography Datasets (NHD) and the National Elevation Datasets (NED)” (USEPA and USGS 2012). NHDPlusV2 includes derivation of “elevation-derived catchments (drainage areas) produced using a drainage enforcement technique first broadly applied in New England, and thus dubbed "The New-England Method". This technique involves "burning-in" the 1:100,000-scale NHD and building "walls" using the national Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD)” (USEPA and USGS 2012)....
The Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks (GCPO) Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) has conducted an ecological assessment of various landscape characteristics, or endpoints, outlined in the LCC Integrated Science Agenda. This data layer addresses the forested wetland amount desired landscape endpoint for the forested wetland ecosystem in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley subgeography of the GCPO LCC. This data was created by reclassification of the 2011 National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) to pull out only the woody wetlands class (90) from the NLCD dataset.

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