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This database contains literature citations and associated summaries pertaining to livestock grazing effects on amphibians and their habitats, with an emphasis on the Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa) and other listed/sensitive wetland-breeding amphibians in the western United States. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, nor did we perform a systematic meta-analysis; rather, literature records were included based on topical relevance. *HINT: If you are looking for the database SEARCH TOOL, scroll down to 'Attached Files' and download 'Annotated_bibliography_with_search_tool.accdb.' Open the database file to enter the search form.* This data release supersedes Rowe, J.C., Pearl, C.A., Adams, M.J., and McCreary,...
This map was created to help assess impacts on nonindigenous aquatic species distributions due to flooding associated with Hurricane Maria. Storm surge and flood events can assist expansion and distribution of nonindigenous aquatic species through the connection of adjacent watersheds, backflow of water upstream of impoundments, increased downstream flow, and creation of freshwater bridges along coastal regions. This map will help natural resource managers determine potential new locations for individual species, or to develop a watch list of potential new species within a watershed. These data include a subset of data from the Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database, that fall within the general area of the 2017...

map background search result map search result map Nonindigenous aquatic species and potential spread after Hurricane Maria Nonindigenous aquatic species and potential spread after Hurricane Maria