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Abstract (from Predicting the distribution of native stream fishes is fundamental to the management and conservation of many species. Modeling species distributions often consists of quantifying relationships between species occurrence and abundance data at known locations with environmental data at those locations. However, it is well documented that native stream fish distributions can be altered as a result of asymmetric interactions between dominant exotic and subordinate native species. For example, the naturalized exotic Brown Trout Salmo trutta has been identified as a threat to native Brook Trout Salvelinus fontinalis in the eastern...
Alteration of natural flow regimes by river regulation affects fish distribution and assemblage structure, but causative pathways are not always direct and may go unrecognized. The Colorado River population of the endangered Colorado pikeminnow, Ptychocheilus lucius, suffers from low rates of recruitment and reduced carrying capacity. We hypothesized that availability of prey fish for this large-bodied native piscivore may, in part, be limited by reduced standing crops of periphyton and macroinvertebrates resulting from accumulation of fine sediment in the riverbed. We stratified the 373-km-long study area into 11 strata and sampled various physical and biological parameters in runs and riffles of three randomly...