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This report surveys the definitions of reserve services used in several countries and regions of Europe and the United States that have implemented competitive electricity markets. It also compares the technical specifications of these services. The systems considered are Great Britain, PJM, California, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium as well as UCTE as a whole.
This dataset contains privately and publicly owned bullion repositories. The privately owned repositories are included because they are members of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) as listed by the ICTA website and therefore deal with gold bullion or are the administrative headquarters of the bullion repository. Public locations are included based on the value (in US dollars) of the bullion stored, according to the United States Department of Treasury. Federal Reserve entities other than the one included in this database are excluded because the monetary amount of gold bullion, if any, stored at each location could not be determined, and per the United States Department of Treasury, the collective...

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