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Buffered Special Status Species (amphibians, reptiles, birds, invertebrates and mammals) GeoBOB observation points with the status of Candidate for federal listing (FC), Federally listed as endangered (FE) or Federally listed as threatened (FT). The FE and FT species included only those which are not accounted for elsewhere in the WOPR process. Buffer size is determined by species.BLM (Bureau of Land Management), GeoBOB (geographic Biotic Observations) ISMS (Interagency Species Management System) WOPR (Western OregonPlan Revision) SSP (Sensitive Species) Fauna RTV (Red Tree Vole) This data is a PRMP release version of the data. The original name of the dataset is:wld_m3_sspfaunabuff_FED_poly Please note, wpr_sspfaunabuff_BLM_poly...

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