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This data release provides the descriptions of approximately 20 U.S. sites that include mineral regions, mines, and mineral occurrences (deposits and prospects) that contain enrichments of lithium (Li). This release includes sites that have a contained resource and (or) past production of lithium metal greater than 15,000 metric tons. Sites in this database occur in Arkansas, California, Nevada, North Carolina, and Utah. There are several deposits that were not included in the database because they did not meet the cutoff requirement, and those occur in Arizona, Colorado, the New England area, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wyoming. In the United States, lithium was first mined from pegmatite orebodies in South...
Categories: Data; Types: ArcGIS REST Map Service, ArcGIS Service Definition, Downloadable, Map Service; Tags: Arkansas, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), California, Department of the Interior (DOI), Earth Mapping Resources Initiative (Earth MRI), All tags...

    map background search result map search result map Lithium Deposits in the United States Lithium Deposits in the United States