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This investigation evaluated effects of exposure of larval razorback sucker to waterborne and dietary selenium and other contaminants that occur in nursery habitats. Site waters were collected from three localities on the Colorado River near Grand Junction, CO; a total of five test waters (including control) were studied. Razorback sucker larvae were exposed to site-water contaminants via waterborne and dietary exposure using a laboratory food chain (algae, rotifer, razorback sucker). Fish were exposed for 28 days to site waters and food organisms cultured in site waters. Survival data were analyzed by inspection. Growth data were analyzed using analysis of variance to describe the response of fish in each site...
This work characterizes the efficacy of activated carbon amendment in reducing polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) bioavailability to clams (Macoma balthica) from field-contaminated sediment (Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, San Francisco Bay, CA, USA). Test methods were developed for the use of clams to investigate the effects of sediment amendment on biological uptake. Sediment was mixed with activated carbon for one month. Bioaccumulation tests (28 d) were employed to assess the relationships between carbon dose and carbon particle size on observed reductions in clam biological uptake of PCBs. Extraction and cleanup protocols were developed for the clam tissue. Efficacy of activated carbon treatment was found to increase...
The dataset includes the bird species, region where sampled, sampling site, capture location, mercury concentration in whole blood, lead concentration in whole blood, sulfur stable isotope concentration in blood plasma, carbon isotope concentration in blood plasma, whole blood ALAD activity, and fecal corticosterone concentrations.

    map background search result map search result map Pacific Northwest Avian Scavenger Lead and Mercury Dataset, 2012-2016 Pacific Northwest Avian Scavenger Lead and Mercury Dataset, 2012-2016