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Ecotourism has been proposed as a viable economic activity that can minimize negative human impacts on wildlife habitat and provide an incentive to preserve natural areas. The potential of ecotourism as a wildlife conservation strategy is limited by its inability to insure the long-term protection of environmental assets and by its tendency to contribute directly to environmental degradation. Ecotourism is a proxy market designed to align consumers' preferences for recreation with the protection of environmental assets. Because it does not necessarily address the direct protection of those assets, it is prone to market failure. Pressures on governments and firms involved in providing ecotourism services will impair...
The hotel data set layer is a revision of a hotel data layer originally provided by The Nature Conservancy (TNC),which contained 227 hotels. Using an updated list (March 2005) provided by the Belize Tourism Board's Registrar of Hotels, the TNC layer was manually edited to update the dataset to 521 hotels.

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