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Coalbed methane (CBM) is a kind of unconventional natural gas. China has abundant CBM resource and its CBM industry is expected to prosper in the future. However, China's currently imperfect CBM industry policy still needs to be further improved to support the sustainable development of CBM industry. To provide recommendations for policy makers, economic evaluation is conducted to find out the overall economic viability of China's CBM resource and the factors with most impact on the economic viability of CBM resource. The results show that there is still about 42% of China's CBM resource uneconomic to develop under current industry policy and that the three factors with most impact on the economic viability of CBM...
Based on the need to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize energy dependency, the EU Member States have set ambitious energy policies goals and have developed respective, specific regulations, in order to improve the energy performance of the building sector. Thus, specific measures regarding the buildings’ envelope, the use of efficient HVAC technologies and the integration of renewable energy systems are being constantly studied and promoted. The effective combination of these three main aspects will consequently result in maximum energy efficiency. Germany has played a key role in this development, with intensive work focusing in the improvement of the energy behaviour of the residential building stock. In this paper,...
The Upper Colorado River Basin contains large deposits of oil shale, tar sands, crude oil, coal, and natural gas. Agriculture still accounts for 90% of the water depletions, but future development of these energy resources is expected to take increasing amounts of water. A mixed-integer programming model was used to maximize returns to land, water, and mineral resources. The results were used to assess the need for government-sponsored water conservation measures to supplement water saving techniques employed by the private sectors in response to increased water prices. The feasibilities of various water saving techniques by industries and of various government-sponsored water conservation measures were examined...

    map background search result map search result map An Evaluation of Water Conservation Techniques in the Upper Colorado River Basin An Evaluation of Water Conservation Techniques in the Upper Colorado River Basin