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The geomorphic effectiveness of extreme floods increases with aridity and decreasing watershed size. Therefore, in small dry watersheds extreme floods should control the age structure and spatial distribution of populations of disturbance-dependent riparian trees. We examined the influence of extreme floods on the bottomland morphology and forest of ephemeral streams in a semiarid region. Along six stream reaches on the Colorado Piedmont we examined channel changes by analyzing a rectified sequence of aerial photographs spanning 56 yr, and we investigated the spatial distribution of different-aged patches of forest by aging 189 randomly sampled cottonwood trees. Channel change in these ephemeral sand-bed streams...
The USGS Central Region Energy Team assesses oil and gas resources of the United States. The onshore and State water areas of the United States comprise 71 provinces. Within these provinces, hydrocarbon plays were defined and assessed. Each of these provinces is defined geologically, and most province boundaries are defined by major geologic changes. The province boundaries were drawn on the county lines that most closely followed the natural geologic boundaries.
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These geospatial data and their accompanying report outline many areas of coal in the United States beneath more than 3,000 ft of overburden. Based on depth, these areas may be targets for injection and storage of supercritical carbon dioxide. Additional areas where coal exists beneath more than 1,000 ft of overburden are also outlined; these may be targets for geologic storage of carbon dioxide in conjunction with enhanced coalbed methane production. These areas of deep coal were compiled as polygons into a shapefile for use in a geographic information system (GIS). The coal-bearing formation names, coal basin or field names, geographic provinces, coal ranks, coal geologic ages, and estimated individual coalbed...

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