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These data were compiled as part of a long-term (1964 - 2022) water quality monitoring program at Lake Powell. Objectives of our study were to release a consistent record of long-term water quality data. The 58-year limnology dataset captures some water quality parameters (temperature, salinity, major ions, total suspended solids) from reservoir filling to present day. It also contains a 38-year record of secchi depth, and a ~30-year record of nutrients, phytoplankton, and zooplankton assemblages. The data were collected from various sites within the Lake Powell reservoir and the Glen Canyon dam. Regular monthly sampling occurred at three sites near the dam and reservoir-wide sampling was generally conducted quarterly,...
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Laboratory bioassays were conducted between 2014-2016 at Wayne State University in cooperation with USGS to determine if different species of cyanobacteria influence quagga mussel spawning and fertilization success. The data describes the algal cultures tested and their density/concentration, the number of individuals tested, and the spawning and fertilization success of quagga mussels exposed to the cyanobacteria and those that were not (control).

    map background search result map search result map Limnology data from Lake Powell, desert southwest USA (ver. 2.0, Sept. 2023) Limnology data from Lake Powell, desert southwest USA (ver. 2.0, Sept. 2023)