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Gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum) status data created for the Western Division of the American Fisheries Society (WDAFS)
Used first paragraph of article as the abstract: We collected an adult gizzard shad (Doro- soma cepedianum) from the San Juan River just upstream of Lake Powell, Utah, on 6 June 2000. This represents the first documented occurrence of the species in the Colorado River or its tributaries. The adult male (35 cm TL, 470 g) was taken by trammel net from a small (0.5 ha), shallow (<2 m) backwater along with several other fish that included 3 endan- gered razorback sucker (Xyrauchen texanus). The specimen is stored at the Museum of Southwestern Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (curation number 49122). Published in Western North American Naturalist, volume 64, issue 1, on pages 135 - 136, in 2004.

map background search result map search result map Gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum) distribution and status by HUC8 Gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum) distribution and status by HUC8