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The DYFI system collects observations from people who felt an earthquake and then maps out the extent of shaking and damage they reported. The ComCat online Search interface allows users to select query criteria that return events with DYFI data and products.
The ANSS Comprehensive Catalog (ComCat) contains earthquake source parameters and other products produced by contributing seismic networks. Important digital catalogs of earthquake source parameters (e.g. Centennial Catalog, Global Centroid Moment Tensor Catalog) are loaded into ComCat. New and updated data are added to the catalog dynamically as sources publish or update products. Access to the ComCat is via the online search page, on which a user can select a wide variety of criteria to locate earthquake events of interest. Source Parameters: -amplitude - hypocenter - magnitude - phase data - finite fault - focal mechanism - moment tensor - tectonic summary - regional information Products: - Did You Feel It? -...