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This project will assess the accuracy of climate drivers (precipitation and temperature) from different sources for current and future conditions. The impact of these drivers on hydrologic response will be using the monthly water balance model (MWBM). The methodology for processing and analysis of these datasets will be automated for when new climate datasets become available on the USGS Geo Data Portal ( This will ensure continued relevancy of project results, future opportunities for research and assessment of potential climate change impacts on hydrologic resources, and comparison between generations of climate data. To share and distribute the results with scientists and...
The purpose of this project was to document processes for USGS scientists to organize and share data using ScienceBase, and to provide an example interactive mapping application to display those data. Data and maps from Chase and others (2016a, b) were used for the example interactive maps. Accomplishments The accomplishments for this project are described below. The project team developed an interactive mapping application in R that connects to data on ScienceBase, using Shiny, Leaflet (Cheng and Xie, 2016), and sbtools (Winslow and others, 2016) (fig. 10). USGS scientists can refer to the R code in the mapping application to build their own interactive maps. Code is available at the USGS Bitbucket Repository...