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ScienceCache was originally developed as a mobile device data collection application for a citizen science project. ScienceCache communicates with a centralized database that facilitates near real-time use of collected data that enhances efficiency of data collection in the field. We improved ScienceCache by creating a flexible, reliable platform that reduces effort required to set up a survey and manage incoming data. Now, ScienceCache can be easily adapted for citizen science projects as well as restricted to specific users for private internal research. We improved scEdit, a web application interface, to allow for creation of more-complex data collection forms and survey routes to support scientific studies....
Access to up-to-date geospatial data is critical when responding to natural hazards-related crises, such as volcanic eruptions. To address the need to reliably provide access to near real-time USGS datasets, we developed a process to allow data managers within the USGS Volcano Hazard Program to programmatically publish geospatial webservices to a cloud-based instance of GeoServer hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), using ScienceBase. To accomplish this, we developed a new process in the ScienceBase application, added new functionality to the ScienceBase Python library (sciencebasepy), and assembled a functioning Python workflow demonstrating how users can gather data from a web API and publish these data as a cloud-based...