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How can the public discover opportunities for participation in USGS scientific research? What citizen science projects are currently active within the USGS? How may PIs increase public engagement in and awareness of their citizen science projects? To address these questions, a web application leveraging existing Community for Data Integration (CDI) and USGS work was created to allow unprecedented public access to USGS citizen science project metadata and highlights of key science outcomes. Such an application enables, for the first time, high-visibility, unified open access to information about projects and practices related to citizen participation in USGS research. The need for such information was identified...
This project leveraged existing efforts toward the use of social media systems for delivery of information into a web based visualization framework. Rather than support the development of an expensive system developed in-house, this project supports the use of cloud-based social media system Twitter to provide a robust observation platform. Development efforts were directed at utilizing the substantial Twitter API feature set to query the media stream for species observation submissions. Citizen science participants were encouraged to use the Twitter direct message system to submit species observations using a pre-defined schema. Observations were extracted from the Twitter stream and processed using geospatial,...