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Recent open data policies of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which were fully enforceable on October 1, 2016, require that federally funded information products (publications, etc.) be made freely available to the public, and that the underlying data on which the conclusions are based must be released. A key and relevant aspect of these policies is that data collected by USGS programs must be shared with the public, and that these data are subject to the review requirements of Fundamental Science Practices (FSP). These new policies add a substantial burden to USGS scientists and science centers; however, the upside of working towards compliance with...
How can the public discover opportunities for participation in USGS scientific research? What citizen science projects are currently active within the USGS? How may PIs increase public engagement in and awareness of their citizen science projects? To address these questions, a web application leveraging existing Community for Data Integration (CDI) and USGS work was created to allow unprecedented public access to USGS citizen science project metadata and highlights of key science outcomes. Such an application enables, for the first time, high-visibility, unified open access to information about projects and practices related to citizen participation in USGS research. The need for such information was identified...