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Distribution of dabbling duck species habitat in coastal British Columbia showing relative abundance (RA) by season and overall relative importance (RI). RI is based on project region and not on the province as a whole. British Columbia has been collecting coastal resource data in a systematic and synoptic manner since 1979. Resource information is collected using peer-reviewed provincial Resource Information Standards Committee which include standards for data management and analysis
This dataset includes daily nest attendance (proportion of time females spent at the nest), incubation constancy (proportion of time females maintained their nests at nest-specific incubation temperatures), nest temperature variation, and the duration of individual incubation bouts for three species of dabbling ducks (mallard, gadwall, and cinnamon teal) nesting in Suisun Marsh, California during 2015-2019. These data support the following publication: Hartman, C.A., Ackerman, J.T., Peterson, S.H., Fettig, B., Casazza, M. and Herzog, M.P., 2023. Nest attendance, incubation constancy, and onset of incubation in dabbling ducks. Plos one, 18(5), p.e0286151.

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